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Looking to Sponsor?

Tonkabots would love to have your support

Sponsors are crucial for supplying the team with enough financial stability to run throughout the season. With your support, we can make that possible, so become a Sponsor today!

Sponsorship Levels

All Sponsorship Levels include everything listed in the previous Levels

Byte Level Sponsor

$100 to $499
  • Business Name & Link on (

  • Invite to all Tonkabots Competitions

Kilobyte Level Sponsor

$500 to $999
  • Logo on annual Tonkabots Sweatshirt

Megabyte Level Sponsor

$1,000 to $2,499
  • Small Pit Logo

  • Small Logo on Competitive Robot

  • To be determine (Contact Us)

Gigabyte Level Sponsor

$2,500 to $4,999
  • Logo On all Competitive Vests worn by the team

  • Medium Pit Logo

  • Medium Logo on Competitive Robot

  • To be determined (Contact Us)

Terabyte Level Sponsor

$5,000 to $9,999
  • Large Pit Logo

  • Large Logo on Competitive Robot

  • Personalized Social-Media Ad on Tonkabots Platforms

Petabyte Level Sponsor

  • Xtra Large Pit Logo

  • Robot Demo at Company (Within Reasonable Distance)

  • To be determine (Contact Us)

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The Tonkabots thank you for your donation!

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